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Relaunch of ebook, Hank Thompson’s Blues, in face of Hollywood Blockbuster, 42.

(San Francisco, April 8, 2013)-

Nobody Rocks Press, publisher of cutting-edge stories and manifestos, announces the re-release of Theodore Hamm’s eBook baseball novel, Hank Thompson’s Blues. Hank Thompson’s Blues tells the life story of the third African-American baseball player and his playing days with the New York Giants baseball club. Thompson’s odyssey included pivotal stops in Havana, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and the Texas state prison system.

With the release of major Hollywood motion picture, 42, the story of Jackie Robinson, Nobody Rocks expects strong interest in the African-American baseball experience, and wants to supplement the minds of curious readers with a related story. Hank Thompson, the first black ballplayer to play in both the American and National Leagues, was the more tragic tale. Even while leading the Giants side-by-side with Willie Mays to the 1954 World Series crown, Thompson spiraled downward with alcoholism, his path eventually leading to prison.

Author Theodore Hamm (founding editor of The Brooklyn Rail) is available for interviews, and the backstory to this novel is fantastic. Hamm’s research led him to perfectly encapsulate the life and voice of Hank Thompson, and this research also put him in touch with the ballplayer’s family. A legendary sportswriter would also disclose a secret about Thompson’s life that, by uncanny coincidence, Hamm had already included in this fascinating American story. Press interviews disclosing this unexpected detail will draw many readers to this first-person novel. Bundle an interview with the release of 42 on April 12.

Hank Thompson’s Blues is available on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBookStore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo’s eReader, Sony’s e-Reader, and everywhere else ebooks are sold.

Hank Thompson’s Blues is poised for Take-off! Play Ball! Thu, 04 Apr 2013 20:33:12 +0000 admin With the start of a new baseball season, and the San Francisco Giants steal of 2 of 3 games from the Dodgers in Los Angeles, it’s time to reconnect with our 2009 baseball classic, Hank Thompson’s Blues. This “real” story about the life of the third black professional baseball player is an incredible tale of struggle around baseball’s integration. He was a Giant before San Francisco, but if you’re a fan of baseball or the San Francisco Giants, this is a must-read.

It’s available everywhere as an ebook.

Hank Thompson’s Blues rockets up Amazon! Thu, 28 Oct 2010 22:20:03 +0000 admin Great news from our sales dept today. Ted Hamm’s Hank Thompson’s Blues shot 200,000 spots up in the rankings for Amazon Kindle content. This excellent book about the 3rd Negro League player to reach the white Major Leagues is speaking to San Francisco Giants‘ fans across the country. Thompson played for the last Giants’ World Series Winner, the 1954 New York Giants. It’s a tragic tale elegantly addressed by Brooklyn Rail Editor-in-Chief and novelist, Ted Hamm.

NRP DIY Commentary Thu, 11 Jun 2009 17:52:22 +0000 admin I‘ve been getting inspired lately by indie DIY culture. Make your own system. No sell out, all that stuff.

It’s so easy to forget how sold out we all are. I don’t say it to be an asshole or self-righteous dude, but the flow of plastic American success society is so strong that it’s easy to get swept up. One day you’re stoked because you did a good reading and made some good art, but then that sucks because everybody is selling film rights but you. The competition thing gets so tired. There really is beauty in making your own culture, doing your own thing, living your own life - free of the slave brain.

I sorta feel like an early 80’s indie rock band that toured some towns, spread the seed. I may not have commercial success, but I look out at the landscape and feel like I’ve influenced some people that I respect. I can see it in the readings, in the words, attitude. For me, it’s a matter of endurance.

Book Expo America 2009 and Nobody Rocks’ Party Wed, 27 May 2009 05:35:40 +0000 admin Here’s the ticket: Book Expo America. It’s running from May 28- 31 in New York City. This is the book lover’s orgasm– a convention center full of books. It’s beautiful. Last year, Leonard Nimoy signed books just a few tables away from William Shatner, and they acted as though they had no clue that the other was there. BTW, Shatner outdrew Nimoy by a great number.

Book Expo was originally sponsored by the American Booksellers Association, but it’s been co-opted by Reed Exhibitions. It’s all about coin, and the ABA hasn’t exactly been the visionary for their members (ref: and online bookselling). Reed runs it now, and though this year will be smaller, they’re making money. What it’s really all about is the trading of international rights.

This year, however, it’s about a new Indie e-publisher called Nobody Rocks Press, and on May 28, 2009, we’re inviting the city of New York to Think Coffee at 1 Bleecker for a seriously out-of-hand literary event. Punch up your Thursday with the world premiere reading of Theodore Hamm’s novel, Hank Thompson’s Blues. Follow that up with John Buffalo Mailer’s account of post-Katrina New Orleans, and then slam back that shot of tequila in the form of Jason Flores-Williams’ The Last Stand of Mr America.

Typically, you need to look long and hard for the hip event. Yes, PGW’s party on Saturday night is always welcomed, but it’s no secret. The Firecracker awards are done, and the other good stuff is either undercover or very high-end. We at Nobody Rocks relish transparency. It’s not a party ’til it’s standing-room-only. So let’s do it. Bring it on! Nobody Rocks Press’ Book Expo Literary Extravaganza

And check out our new Fan page: NOBODY ROCKS’ FANS!

Official Release of Theodore Hamm’s Baseball classic, Hank Thompson’s Blues Fri, 15 May 2009 21:09:49 +0000 admin Nobody Rocks officially released its second publication today in a terrific novel by Theodore Hamm entitled Hank Thompson’s Blues.

It’s available on the Kindle at this time, and as soon as the agreement is in place, Sony will carry it. For those without device, head over to Google Books and read excerpts. It should be there shortly. Of course, it’s also available on the iPhone and other smart phones.

Ted’s book is a biographical account of the third negro league baseball player to cross the color line in professional baseball. Incredibly intimate, it’s told in a first-person narrative and explores a forgotten figure’s life and his struggles with alcohol. We’ve all heard of Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige, and now Hamm exposes the tragic tale of their troubled contemporary.

Nobody Rocks has ticketed your ride through an existential journey of sex clubs in Jason Flores-Williams’ The Last Stand of Mr America, and the ride continues in the underbelly of Americana, and the lost truth in an individual’s history in Hamm’s Hank Thompson’s Blues.

Commentary on John Buffalo Mailer’s play, Hello Herman Fri, 15 May 2009 20:23:13 +0000 admin Caught Hello Herman last night in Santa Monica. Buffalo’s play is what theater is supposed to be: relevant, powerful and fearless. I walked away thinking about the state of our country, the state of our youth, the state of our media, and the twisted glitz and cheap plastic that is (barely) holding together the blood and guts of the American condition. (BTW, the use of multimedia in Hello Herman was excellent, as was the acting.)

It ripped into the emptiness of our fame culture. We don’t strive and sacrifice for individualized meaning. We don’t strive and sacrifice for something beautiful or higher. But we’ll kill each other to be on TV. We’ll piss on the heart of life to hear our name on something as stupid as Fox News. The lust for that 15 minutes has become the driving force in American existence.

Hello Herman needs to be seen in high schools, colleges, community theaters, and on street corners across this country. It needs to be held up as a mirror so that we see what we’ve become - a society that possesses so much potential, but like the wasted youth in the play, is sentencing itself to death before it ever even started to live.

Launch Party signals Revolution Tue, 28 Apr 2009 05:20:44 +0000 admin whew…. out of the purple haze. Last week’s Launch at Stories Books in Los Angeles was righteous (goin’ So. Cal from the 70s with that word).

Opening with the local vibe was Gordy Grundy, Los Angeles Writer and Artist. Sharp, concise, and witty, he set the tone. Following was New York performance artist, Missy Galore. A Shamanatrix of the “n”th degree, she’s been stirring up the tree nymphs in Marin County. She blessed us with an Earth Day Incantation.

Finally, Nobody Rocks author, Jason Flores-Williams, ripped through 3 sections of The Last Stand of Mr America while interspersing more recent inspiration as a change of speed.

A great crew celebrated including the Sony e-Reader team and revolutionary publisher, PM Press. The ultra-ultra art journalists of Flavorpill were also in attendance. Obviously, it didn’t end at Stories. Closing occurred at Echo Park’s Gold Room. Highly recommended.

See you at the next reading in NYC on May 28. Drop us a line if you want to get on our mailing list.

Launch Party Wed, 15 Apr 2009 05:24:33 +0000 admin Seriously, a company called Nobody Rocks can’t do a party that sucks. We can’t promise you the joys of Ios, but we like to set a goal.

Here’s the press release. If you’re ready to participate in something cool, or you’re tired of reading about stimulus packages that drag down the rich, drop by the our party and see if anything pisses you off or causes you to get pissed. Cheers.



TIME: 7:30 PM






Seattle, WA –Nobody Rocks, the first American indie press to publish novels focused on digital formats such as the Kindle and Sony Reader, will launch with The Last Stand of Mr. America on April 15. Jason Flores-Williams’ cult classic was published in the UK in 2002, but never officially released in the United States.

“The emergence of Ebooks means new opportunities for less commercial novels that deal with controversial issues,” says Nobody Rocks Founder, Greg Aden. “We need books to match the intensity of our times.”

Last Stand is about a lost corporate soul trying to find meaning in plastic America. His life a prison of work, apathy and television, save for his sex club explorations and gallows sense of humor. “Jason Flores-Williams is an all-American outlaw and edgewalker in the tradition of Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski and Biggie Smalls. The Last Stand of Mr. America cuts into our heart of darkness with no bullshit bedside manner and no anesthesia.” David Gates, Preston Falls, Jernigan.

Flores-Williams, who has been featured on CNN, NPR and Air America, is also known for his political activism. He wrote the High Times “Call To Resistance” and shut down Rockefeller Center in protest against the war. He is a frequent contributor to the Brooklyn Rail, Artillery magazine and does socio-cultural commentary for WBAI radio in NYC. Recently, feature film righs to Last Stand have been acquired by Melting Pictures, an independent film production company in Los Angeles.

“Disturb the powerful, empower the disturbed,” says Flores-Williams. “They’ve already got TV – so why else be a writer?”

For a REVIEW COPY of The Last Stand of Mr. America and/or to interview Jason Flores-Williams or Greg Aden:

1)Respond to this email with name, address and phone.

Moreno Media
451 S Main St. Loft 1112
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: 415-826-9211

An Inefficient Monopoly Tue, 31 Mar 2009 06:30:19 +0000 admin So I was just pondering the monopoly known as R.R. Bowker. “Bowker” is the ISBN agency in the United States. They are the only U.S. company sanctioned to provide 10 and 13-digit book identifiers. I needn’t go into the history of this situation, but for some reason this business model lives on. I would never have guessed that an industry which puts recorded music on media would be dying faster than a company that sells unique numerical series. Can’t any high school programmer create a program that pushes out numbers? So yes, they sell numbers. It sounds surreal, futuristic, and sci-fi, but in fact, it’s entirely antiquated and this part of their business should be obsolete.

Amazon doesn’t require a Bowker-issued ISBN to publish and list an electronic title. I think this is a step forward, but when you consider that Bowker sells this data to etailers, libraries, and other organizations, it’s hard to stage a revolt when that revolt is potentially against Discoverability.

With this, I realized that I’d failed the first test of Nobody Rocks. A path had cleared for an opening volley, and I had withdrawn. The struggle raged, “Should I have dis’ed the Man and created my own identifier, or just pay the Man to ensure that my message reaches as many minds as possible. Sure, Amazon is doing well, but how many people really own Kindles today? …and are Kindle-owners the revolutionaries of tomorrow? We must hope.

So yes, I caved and bought my ISBNs. While ISBN-10s are supposedly running out, Bowker still assigns one when selling the ISBN-13. I assigned one today to the forthcoming title, Hank Thompson’s Blues by Theodore Hamm. Bowker assigned me an ISBN-13 of 9780981964713, and an ISBN-10 of 09819647111. Unfortunately, this ISBN-10 has ELEVEN digits.

Remember that the Man is weary, and ready for retirement.