Relaunch of ebook, Hank Thompson’s Blues, in face of Hollywood Blockbuster, 42.

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Relaunch of ebook, Hank Thompson’s Blues, in face of Hollywood Blockbuster, 42.

(San Francisco, April 8, 2013)-

Nobody Rocks Press, publisher of cutting-edge stories and manifestos, announces the re-release of Theodore Hamm’s eBook baseball novel, Hank Thompson’s Blues. Hank Thompson’s Blues tells the life story of the third African-American baseball player and his playing days with the New York Giants baseball club. Thompson’s odyssey included pivotal stops in Havana, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and the Texas state prison system.

With the release of major Hollywood motion picture, 42, the story of Jackie Robinson, Nobody Rocks expects strong interest in the African-American baseball experience, and wants to supplement the minds of curious readers with a related story. Hank Thompson, the first black ballplayer to play in both the American and National Leagues, was the more tragic tale. Even while leading the Giants side-by-side with Willie Mays to the 1954 World Series crown, Thompson spiraled downward with alcoholism, his path eventually leading to prison.

Author Theodore Hamm (founding editor of The Brooklyn Rail) is available for interviews, and the backstory to this novel is fantastic. Hamm’s research led him to perfectly encapsulate the life and voice of Hank Thompson, and this research also put him in touch with the ballplayer’s family. A legendary sportswriter would also disclose a secret about Thompson’s life that, by uncanny coincidence, Hamm had already included in this fascinating American story. Press interviews disclosing this unexpected detail will draw many readers to this first-person novel. Bundle an interview with the release of 42 on April 12.

Hank Thompson’s Blues is available on Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBookStore, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo’s eReader, Sony’s e-Reader, and everywhere else ebooks are sold.

Hank Thompson’s Blues is poised for Take-off! Play Ball!

With the start of a new baseball season, and the San Francisco Giants steal of 2 of 3 games from the Dodgers in Los Angeles, it’s time to reconnect with our 2009 baseball classic, Hank Thompson’s Blues. This “real” story about the life of the third black professional baseball player is an incredible tale of struggle around baseball’s integration. He was a Giant before San Francisco, but if you’re a fan of baseball or the San Francisco Giants, this is a must-read.

It’s available everywhere as an ebook.